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What is BrownChips ?

The Idea behind BrownChips is born from the community. Our goal is to bring back a little value to the rugpulls of the Cardano NFT space. 
We plan to offer a fun and useful way to USE your trash NFTs laying dead in your wallet.

With various mechanics including multi policies staking and token rewards, extensive ranking systems, and weighted votes we plan to offer a whole ecosystem for your NFTs from dead projects.

BrownChips is all about the Cardano community, We want the community to votes which project should be considered an official brownchips and be accepted in the staking system. Once a project have been accepted, We will add it's policy id to our staking system and the community will be able to stake the NFTs from this projects to receive $BChips every epoch! No more useless Dead NFTs you will soon be able to Stake them for $BChips!

Why would you want $BChip? Why would I want another token? Why Staking my rugpull would be of any use? Those are all very good question and we invite you to look at our TOKENOMIC

We also believe that anything is better than nothing, currently we all have been rugged at some point why not do something with it? It can't be worse... BUT this is not all. We have many use in mind for the $Bchip

  • Buy/sell/Farm $Bchip token on popular DEX

  • Mint new NFTs directly in $BChip (collaboration with popular projects but also exclusive collection)

  • Accumulate $BChips to have more voting power with weighting power (vote toward which project should be accepted in the BrownChip staking system)

  • Rank up on an extensive system see your ranking toward other community members

  • Participate in Casino like games with your $BChip, and win more,

  • Wager them versus others in hazard games

  • Redeem prices like ADA, Merchandise or Even popular NFTs

Let's build this together, BrownChips need you to join the boat, spread the word if we all joins in we can really bring back some value to those NFTs once dead. We've been left holding the bag but we believe that together we can turn this bag into something better and even great!

We are currently holding an initial funding sale of the token! This is your only chance to buy the token directly from us! By doing so your are helping to build the ecosystem. Almost all the funds from the Pre-sale are going into hiring/buying hardware, developers and artist. Join us and let's make what was promise to be a blue chips an official Brown Chip!


total supply :
10 000 000 000
Pre-Sale, Initial funding [5%]
Liquidity, DEX Farming or Redistribution [10%]
Airdrop to NFT holders
Team and Development [15%]
Staking rewards of NFT [60%]
Staking rewards of NFTs:  60% of the total supply of $BChip (6 000 000 000) will be awarded each epoch to the delegator of the Brown Chip staking pools. (release date and detail TBA). An undetermined amount of $BChip will be redeemable by delegator depending on the amount of accepted NFTs staked in the $BChip pools. Different amount might be awarded depending on the project it is from *A list of accepted policy will be available prior to the staking system release. ** More accepted policy might be added with time with the vote of the community and when more rugpull have been confirm. The main goal is to bring back a kind of utility to your already owned rugpull by staking them and getting back $BChip
Team and Development: 15% of the total supply (1 500 000 000) will be held by the project for development, future partnership, marketing, etc. Here at BChip we don't believe that the team or the founder should hold tokens just because they made it... We believe that the team and founder fund are the same as the projects funds, therefor the team won't be awarded any part of the token initial supply
Pre-Sale, Initial funding:  5% of the total supply (500 000 000) will be sold in a pre-sale, pre-launch. The purpose is to be able to expand the team, cover our expanse, put our name out-there. The price of the token available via the bowl of chips, is of 10 ADA for 10 000 Bchip. There will never be another public sale for the token. The team cannot guarantee or promise any value behind the token, except the value the community puts in it. This presale is not intended to put a price tag on the BChip token it's solely purpose is to act as an initial funding for the Brown Chips ecosystem. 
Liquidity and DEX Farming: 10% of the total supply (1 000 000 000) will be introduced in various mechanism to provide liquidity ex: DEX, pools etc. This section is subject to regulation and laws, It is under review and could be subject to change. In the case of a refusal and when we have tried all the different way available to bring liquidity and failed, the totality of the portion dedicated to liquidity, will be moved to Staking rewards of NFT.
Airdrop to NFT holders: 10% of the total supply (1 000 000 000) will be awarded to Brown Chips NFT holders. Buyers of the Brown Chip home collection, will be awarded an undetermined amount of BChip depending on the rarity and numbers of NFT holded at a determined date TBA. This doesn't include the NFT from different project considered by Brown Chips as "rugpull" it only concern the Brown Chips home collection of 10 000 NFT.
more details on the NFT will be available prior to release.
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